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How to win online jobs and make money online

Tweet The biggest challenge I had to face in freelancing sites was to outbid my competitors and win the job. There are various factors we would like to know in order to do so. Understand your employer Try to get as much information about the job’s employer from the site in terms of the number...

How much you can earn in online jobs

Tweet I have gathered some information on how much is offered as part of online jobs. Based on the skill set of the online jobs, the amount offered will differ. Websites, IT & Software category .Net – $200 per online job Ajax – $200 per online job Java – $200 per online job Javascript...

Who can work in online freelancing

Tweet Anyone can work and earn in Online freelancing. There are no restrictions. At the same time, as in any regular job – one should have the relevant skill set to perform the work to the satisfaction of their employer.

Introduction to online freelancing

Tweet Freelancers are people who are self employed and work for clients on project by project basis. Online freelance marketplaces are websites that match buyers and sellers of services provided via the internet. Buyers bid on services at a fixed price or at an hourly rate. These marketplaces allow people...

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